Project Description

Project Brief

On meeting with the client we understood that they were using a 3rd party company to transact their bookings, however on their existing website they were having to  manually enter all their properties and keep them in sync with the 3rd party site. The brief was to enable single entry of properties on the 3rd party site and automatically update their website with the details. We also found that their current site was not optimized for mobile devices and the information and layout was a little outdated for modern web viewing.

Existing Site

Old Tenerife Holidays Site

New Site

Tenerife Holidays by FHML

Skills Needed

We moved the website from a custom built HTML based framework to the industry standard platform of WordPress. We also worked with the 3rd party booking company to build an XML feed that could be used to import and refresh the property details while the search capabilities would be provided by jQuery and XML.

Database Management 98%
Web Design 92%
Branding & Graphics 80%
jQuery, Scripts and Coding 98%